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Suzuki at the London motor show 2008

Wed, 23 Jul 2008

Suzuki Kizashi takes centre stage on Suzuki stand. Think Mondeo rival, but cheaper. Sounds promising...

By Guy Bird

Motor Shows

23 July 2008 21:35

Suzuki’s London motor show stand played host to two UK debuts. They’re worth a look for several reasons… most notably because Suzuki tends to make its own concept cars, rather than farming it out to suppliers.

So what’s new on Suzuki’s London motor show stand?

In global terms nothing, but from a UK debut perspective the Kizashi and A-star concepts are both firsts. The extreme Kizashi will spawn – in toned-down form – production saloon, estate and crossover models ready to take on Ford’s Mondeo by spring 2010, while the smart A-star prefaces the brand’s next global five-door supermini.

CAR’s Suzuki highlight

It was great to see these two very credible concept cars in the same place on a smart new one-off stand.

What were they thinking?

The Kizashi is a striking concept but that black ‘Jason mask’ front grille needs toning down a bit. It could give your kids nightmares.

In a nutshell

Despite being a small player in the UK, Suzuki is a big deal globally, and its strong London presence, existing products and future concepts reflect serious UK intent and a potentially bright future for the brand on these shores. It's only three years since the Swift won CAR's car of the year gong, don't forget...

By Guy Bird