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Suzuki fuel cell Concepts at Tokyo

Wed, 07 Oct 2009

The Suzuki SX4-FCV hydrogen fuel cell concept will show at Tokyo

Suzuki are going to be bringing three fuel cell concept vehicles to Tokyo. The first is the SX4-FCV which uses an 80KW Fuel cell produced by General Motors, which is fuelled by a hydrogen storage tank pressurised to 10,000 psi. A capacitor irons out the flow of power to the 68KW electric motor and benefits from regenerative braking. Road tests are already under way.

Also on the Suzuki stand will be a fuel cell motor bike – the Burgman Fuel-Cell Scooter. It uses a hydrogen fuel cell to power an electric motor and provide a usable range. It too has a tank pressurised to 10,00 psi – a first for a bike.

Finally, there is the MIO, an electric wheelchair powered by a methanol fuel cell instead of a conventional battery. The methanol is supplied as plug-in cartridges which in theory means – assuming you have a stack of spare cartridges to hand – you can buzz around in your wheelchair for as long as you like.

A Suzuki fuel cell for all ages – teenagers for the Burgman, MIO for the oldies and SX4-FCV for the rest of us. Nothing like covering all the bases.

By Cars UK