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TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph launches

Tue, 18 Jan 2011

Tag Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph

Expensive watches and expensive cars do go together. It’s rare to find a man – or woman, for that matter – with a predilection for exotica on four wheels who doesn’t also lust after fine watches. And fine most everything else. So it’s always made sense for watchmakers to target car enthusiasts. And Tag Heuer target McLaren.

Tag Heuer and McLaren have a history going back twenty five years. When Tag Heuer first became a McLaren sponsor it was owned by the TAG Group (although it is now owned by LVMH), who at the time also supplied McLaren with engines in collaboration with Porsche. And the TAG Group was – and is – headed up by Mansour Ojjeh. Who just happens to own a chunk of McLaren.

So with a background like that it is no wonder Tah Heuer has just announced the TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph at the TAG Heuer Mastering Speed Exhibition at Halle Secheron in Geneva. You didn’t think McLaren would have another road car and not have a watch to mark the occasion, did you?

This time buyers of the McLaren MP4-12C are going to have to buy the TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph if they want matching car and watch. Unlike the sixty four original owners of the McLaren F1 who were presented with an individually numbered TAG Heuer 6000 Chronometer when they took delivery of their cars.

Frank Stephenson, Design Director McLaren Automotive, said:

“I love watches and have always wanted to design one myself. The TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph was a particularly interesting project as we have combined our passion for precision technology, engineering and performance and included some of the most outstanding design features and materials that can be found in the MP4-12C.”

If you feel so inclined – and regardless of whether you buy the McLaren MP4-12C or not – you’ll be able to buy the TAG Heuer MP4-12C Chronograph through McLaren later this year. And you’ll need to be quick, as there will only be 1,000 made.

And you’ll need to budget a bit more than you would for a Timex.

By Cars UK