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Tesla Model S: European price revealed

Thu, 20 Dec 2012

Tesla has announced prices and model availability for Europe of the Model S – it starts at €72,600 – but no UK prices until late 2013.

The Tesla Model S is garnering some impressive reviews now it’s out in the wild in the US, but it’s still some way from landing in Europe. But at least Tesla has come up with price and spec details for Europe, even though RHD models for the UK still don’t have a number.

Tesla will not be offering the entry-level 40KwH Tesla S in Europe, so the entry-level this side of the Pond becomes the 60KwH model which will cost from €72,600 (a bit under £60k). Opt for the 300 mile 85KwH model and the price jumps to €83,150 (around £63k) and the Model S Performance will cost €97,750 (around £74k).

Go completely daft and opt for the Limited Edition Model S and you’ll have to find €101,400 (around £77k) and, instead of forking out a £4k deposit to secure your order you’ll need to put down a hefty £30k.

Tesla say they won’t be starting production of the RHD Tesla Model S until the end of 2013, so if you do stick a deposit down now you’ll probably be waiting until 2014 for your car, and you won’t know exactly how much Tesla want for the Model S in the UK until the summer of 2013.

We can see a healthy demand from businesses for the Model S because of the tax breaks, but it’s debatable if the Model S offers private buyers any good news.

By Cars UK