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Tesla Model X SUV delayed until 2015

Tue, 12 Mar 2013

Tesla has revealed that its Model X SUV – based on the Model S – will be delayed until 2015 so Tesla can concentrate on Model S sales.

Despite plenty of cynicism in the car industry that Tesla could deliver their Model S saloon at all, never mind at a reasonable cost, Tesla has confounded its critics by not only launching the Model S, but seemingly taking as many orders as it can handle.

On the face of it, that’s not surprising. The Tesla Model S is a decent looking car – with more than a hint of Jaguar XF in its styling – and offers a very good range from its bank of batteries and the sort of performance only super saloons can muster. It may lack soul, but it’s a proper triumph for Tesla.

The follow-up to the Model S is the Tesla Model X, and SUV built on the same platform as the Model S with a raised ride height, four wheel drive thanks to an electric motor on the front axle too and the promise of a 5 second 0-60mph. It was scheduled to arrive at the end of 2013.

But Tesla has now decided that the Model X needs to be delayed. The reason stated is to allow Tesla to develop sales of the Model S and let the EV market mature, but surely, with Model S sales seemingly strong, it would be better to expand the range as soon as possible?

Still, whatever the real reason, the Model X SUV won’t go in to production until the end of 2014, which means the UK is unlikely to see any Model X SUVs arriving before the middle of 2015, at the earliest.

Unfortunately, that coincides with the removal of zero BIK rates for EVs, which would have made the Model X a freebie for any company car driver and driven sales. But by the time the Model X now arrives, BIK rates for EVs will have jumped to 13 per cent.

So the Tesla Model X SUV will lose its major USP in the UK before it even arrives.

Source: AutoblogGreen

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