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Tesla Roadster Final Edition say goodbye to the Lotus platform

Mon, 26 Dec 2011

Tesla Roadster Final Edition

Tesla Roadster S production ends this year, and Tesla are saying goodbye to their first car with the Roadster Final Edition.

Despite antipathy about the price and the range, the Tesla Roadster is the first proper electric sports car to hit the road – and sell. Tesla has managed to sell 2,600 Roadsters based on a Lotus platform since the Roadster launched, but production is now ending.

To celebrate the end of the Roadster, Tesla are building a short run of just fifteen Roadster Final Edition models, five each for Europe, Asia and North America. Each car comes with a pair of dark silver striped up the bonnet and down the back, and a set of anthracite aluminium wheels.

Tesla hasn’t plaid with the electric motor to produce more power in these last editions of the Roadster, but if you’re going to grab a Tesla Roadster this is probably the one to have. Whatever happens to price on Tesla Roadsters in the future, one of just fifteen final editions will always fetch a premium over regular Roadsters.

The Tesla Roadster will now be out of production until the 2014 Roadster arrives with a new Tesla platform, instead of the current car’s Lotus platform, in 2014.

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Source: Autoblog

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