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The Jaguar F-Type's a closet Star Wars geek

Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Our friends over at Jalopnik are currently at Jaguar F-Type media event over in Seattle, where they had a chance to catch up with its design Wayne Burgess (check out our full interview with him here), who revealed some interesting sources of inspiration for some of its detailing.

The first is a real easter egg - a detail that once you've discovered it you can't help but see - the front lamp cans are based on Star Wars' TIE Fighter. What has been seen can not be unseen.

There's also talk of Burgess' own watch influencing the copper interior finish and the company that builds Moto Guzzi's tailpipes producing a sample for the F-Type's exhaust.

Read the full rundown of insights over on Jalopnik.

By Owen Ready