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The Technology Behind F1 Cars: Aerodynamics [w/Video]

Fri, 18 Oct 2013

Ferrari's latest video in its ‘Discover the technology of Formula 1' YouTube series sees Scuderia Ferrari's deputy design chief Simone Resta focusing on the chassis and side pods' design and its effect on the aerodynamics.

This video follows two episodes, the first of which introduced viewers to the concept of aerodynamics – which is the subject of the series' first part – while the second took a look at the design and effect of the car's front wing and nose.

The great thing about this series is you don't have to be a genius – or even know your way around an F1 car – to get to grips with the concepts or terminology.

For designers, Resta explains, the chassis is the most complex element to plan, needing various tests such as the effect of front and side impacts. For those of you who wonder where the air cooling the car's elements is taken in and then emerges from, he also tracks the airflow over the chassis and side pods.  

Resta's clear, simple explanations are easily understood for those previously unfamiliar with the technology, so the next time the words 'drag' or 'downforce' are used, hopefully nobody will be running scared.

Make sure to check out the first two parts on Ferrari's YouTube channel.

By Rufus Thompson