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The weirdest job titles in the car industry revealed

Wed, 09 Jul 2014

Car companies are diversifying into new areas of specialism - and this attention to detail is bringing some novel new job titles to the automotive industry. A quick browse through the recruitment pages and job ads reveals that manufacturers are hiring for strange and unusual roles. Here's a pick of the job titles we found recently. Tell us if you've spotted any by clicking 'Add your comment' at the foot of the page!

A temporary contract position at Land Rover, this role involves riding in well-worn prototypes, tracking down the irritating noises, and helping banish them from production models. Important role, silly title.

Sadly not tasked with turning Japanese saloons into six-storey-tall robots, Bolin was headhunted from Audi to 'transform' Infiniti's image. Start by sorting the styling and building the Emerg-E sports car concept.

After Nissan donated two gold GT-Rs to the world's fastest man (one auctioned for charity), Bolt was honoured with this meaningless title. Pity he's done nothing to excite the Pixo, Micra, X-Trail...

Currently hiring. You wouldn't have thought that a serially underachieving racing team like Williams needed a new source of anxiety, but a chance to get to know newbie Felipe Massa is a rare opportunity. 

Ever wondered why your car's instructor manual is harder to decipher than the Rosetta Stone? Because it's not written as easily digestible tips and explanations - it's officially 'owner literature'.

Are you taking the pee? Urea is used in exhaust systems, helping reduce harmful particulate emissions. Fancy filling the most embarrassing post at Nissan? Urine luck.

Got a better job title in the car industry? Send us proof and we'll update this story with the funniest, quirkiest and downright funniest roles in the auto sector.