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Top 5 Car Photo Galleries of 2012 – topped by 2013 Range Rover

Thu, 27 Dec 2012

We take a look at the Top 5 photo galleries viewed on Cars UK during 2012 – a good indicator of the most interesting cars of the year.

There have been lots of interesting car news stories on Cars UK during 2012, but are the stories themselves a true indicator of how interested you, dear reader, are in the news that’s happening in the car world, or is it how much additional information you seek out on a story that’s the reality of just how much interest there is?

We decided the amount of times a gallery of photos of a new car is viewed is probably more indicative than the story itself, so we’ve dug through our stats to see what floated your boat most in 2012.

No real surprise that the top of the tree for 2012 was the 2013 Range Rover, but almost as interesting was that the pictures of the new Ford Mondeo – which now won’t arrive until 2014 – came second on the list. Which should perhaps give Ford something to think about.

Third place went to the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – a stunning offering from Ferrari – fourth went to the all new Mercedes A Class and Porsche managed to scrape in to fifth place with the new Porsche Boxster, narrowly beating the new Jaguar F-Type.

Is the number of views of photos of a new car (these galleries were viewed over 100,000 time each) the best indicator of the most popular news stories of 2012, or would a list of just the top five car news stories tell a more accurate picture?

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By Cars UK