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Top Gear BMW X6, Lexus LF-A and Insignia VXR – tonight

Sun, 03 Jan 2010

The final Top Gear outing tonight for messrs Clarkson, Hammond & May this series

It doesn’t seem like five minutes since the latest series of Top Gear started, and already we’re at the end. That’s right, tonight at 8pm sees the final episode of series 14 at 8pm on BBC2. If you’re anything like me after Christmas and New year you won’t even know today’s Sunday, let alone that it’s the last episode of Top Gear. But it is.

Last week’s Bolivia Special gives way to a more normal format, although the bumph from the Beeb says the show’s 65 minutes long instead of the usual hour. Hammond gets to play with the Lexus LF-A on the TG track , which will be worth the watch, I’m sure.

James gets to go and play with the Vauxhall Insignia VXR, which is a very good car. But as someone said to me only this week –  after he’d decided to get Vauxhalls for his managers cars to keep the bills down – over £30k for a souped up Vectra seems an awful lot of money. But James makes the outing a little more cerebral by taking along Margaret Calvert – designer of many of the UK’s road signs – on the drive.

Finally Jeremy manages to road test the BMW X6 seemingly everywhere including Australia, Spain and Barbados. Which sounds like nice work if you can get it.

All of which sounds a half decent outing for the final show.

By Cars UK