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Top Gear Tonight: New Range Rover, designing a car for the elderly & James McAvoy is SIARPC

Sun, 24 Feb 2013

Top Gear tonight - Series 19, episode 5 – sees James testing the new Range Rover, Jeremy & Richard designing transport for the elderly & James McAvoy is SIARPC.

You may have to start wondering what you’re going to do on Sunday evening soon, as tonight’s episode of Top Gear – episode 5 of series 19 – is the last proper Top Gear of the current series.

Don’t panic yet, though, as there are still two more episodes to go, but they will be the two parts of a Top Gear special to Africa to find the source of the Nile. More on that next week.

Tonight, James gets to grip with Land Rover’s finest – the new Range Rover – by playing with it in London, it’s natural stomping ground, followed by a proper test of its off-road abilities in the Nevada desert with a battle reminiscent of the one Jeremy had with a tank in the old Range Rover Sport.

The Top Gear ‘Piece’ this week sees Jeremy and Richard taking on the thorny issue of vehicle design for the elderly. They take in to consideration feeble eyesight and a lack of mobility (issues Jeremy is already aware of) and more, and create a vehicle tailor-made for pensioners, and then enlist three old biddies for a Dorset test.

The final Star in a Reasonably Priced car for this series is actor James McAvoy, currently starring in an acclaimed production of Macbeth in the West End as a sort of ‘Mad Mac’ in a future Scotland ravaged by economic problems and climate change, but perhaps best known for his X-Men exploits.

James, who was driving a ten year old Nissan Micra when he first hit the big time (but must surely have upgraded to something better since), seems more than a little fired up for the challenge of the Top Gear track in the Kia Cee’d (the last outing for the old Cee’d).

Top Gear Episode 5 of Series 19 airs tonight at 8pm on BBC2.

By Cars UK