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Top Gear Top Ten stunt plans

Tue, 28 Feb 2012

Top Gear are looking for new stunt ideas

Top Gear are looking for stunt ideas to celebrate their next Facebook milestone. We have the current Top Ten Top Gear stunt suggestions.

When Top Gear hit the Facebook milestone of 10 million followers, they blew up a caravan to celebrate. Which seemed a fitting way to celebrate, and pleased far more people than it dismayed.

But Top Gear are now looking at ways to celebrate when they reach their next big Facebook number, and are soliciting ideas from TG fans for the best way to go. Some are interesting, some are predictable and some are plain daft.

Among the interesting ones are to drift 15 $1 million supercars in sync, putting a V8 in a Reliant Robin (which we bet someone, somewhere has done) and a race in sports cars round the IoM TT circuit.

Under the heading of predictable comes the plan to take 15 Morris Marinas or Caravans (someone has a fixation with the number 15) and run them over with a tank and the idea of a German road trip in VW Beetles.

Among the ideas that come under the ‘Barking’ category are a trip from Scotland to London on lawnmowers, an atomic explosion in a desert on a Lamborghini Reventon and blowing up a Bugatti Veyron.

If you’ve got an idea – and it doesn’t seem to matter how barking it is – then leave a comment below or hop over to the Top Gear Facebook page and make it known.

It can’t be any dafter than some of the current suggestions.


By Cars UK