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Top Gear in U.A.E. – with Supercars!

Tue, 12 May 2009

The Top Gear Crew in UAE with an LP670-4 SV, Veyron, SLR 722 and McLaren F1

The whole Top Gear crew – including His Stigness the White Stig – have been spotted out playing in the United Arab Emirates with what looks like a mouth-watering selection of cars at their disposal. Which rather seems to suggest that the budget for the new series is not quite as small as we’d feared!

So what’s on offer on this jaunt? Well, it looks like they’ve got their hands on a Lamborghini LP670-4 SV, a Bugatti Veyron (who knows which one – there are so many now!), a McLaren SLR 722 and a McLaren F1. Which is a mouth-watering selection by any measure. By our reckoning it’s something north of £3.5 million of cars. Tight budget boys!

So it looks like we’ll be spared the ignominy of the Stig in a G-Whiz, and a token one and a half women on the Top Gear team for this series.

Business as usual. Thankfully!

By Cars UK