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Top Gear set out to challenge the Toyota Hilux – take 2

Wed, 28 Mar 2012

Top Gear Toyota Hilux

After doing everything they could to destroy the Toyota Hilux, Top Gear are going to have another bash with the latest Hilux. But what’s planned?

The current series of Top Gear may have ended, but TG still has games to play, readers to tempt and bills to pay, so they’re planning on giving the Toyota Hilux another Top Gear seeing-to to see how far they can push it.

The original Top Gear Toyota Hilux challenge saw Toyota’s poor old double cab pickup treated to a drowning, a demolition and a coming-together with a tree and other obstacles. Subsequently, Top Gear also took the Hilux to the North Pole (well, Jeremy and James did) and May also took it off to play on the Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano in Iceland.

Now something new is being planned for Toyota’s seemingly invincible Hilux, although we don’t yet know what. The Hilux has been fitted with an ARB rear canopy so the consumables and stuff needed for the ‘expedition’ are nicely secure,  new coils and shocks, a winch, a huge lazer light bar, a safari snorkel, sump guard and bash plates, new wheels and tyres and a pop-out tent in the ARB canopy.

All of which means there’s a Top Gear road trip in the offing in the Hilux. The preparations point towards somewhere hot rather than cold, but probably not sand. Which probably means something around the equator with lots of vegetation rather than none.

It’s pretty clear Top Gear are off somewhere inhospitable in the Hilux, but exactly where we have no idea. But if you do – or if you want to speculate – let us know in the comments.

Source: Top Gear

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