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Top Gear: BMW M3 Competition, Audi RS5, Snowbine Harvester & Amber Heard

Sun, 20 Feb 2011

Stig takes the Audi RS5 round the Top Gear track

Another Sunday, another Top Gear. Although this is the penultimate show of Series 16 so just one more Sunday wake up call for Top Gear to come. For this series, at least.

Tonight Jeremy goes out to play to see if there is a car to better the BMW M3. Does the BMW M3 with the Competition Package make the M3 a better car? And can the Audi RS5 do what Audi has failed to do to date and take the M3′s crown? We’ll find out.

The boys are very much in to ‘Public Service’ tonight. They’ve seen how inept we are when more than three snowflakes fall on the same day, so they’ve set out to find a way to keep Britain moving when it snows.

Messrs Clarkson, Hammond and May journey to Norway to see how Scandinavia deals with proper amounts of snow, and come back inspired to find a solution to snow-clearing without spending a fortune.

The result of their efforts is the Top Gear Snowbine Harvester, which cleverly takes machinery found on farms round the country and turns it in to a snow-clearing system. Or not.

Star in a reasonably priced car tonight is actress (sorry, we’re supposed to say actor regardless of gender these days) Amber Heard. Who? Amber Heard is a US actor who’s on to push her latest film – Drive Angry, a 3D psychological thriller.

But TG say there’s more to Amber Heard than just being a great-looking bi-sexual actor (where will Jeremy go with that). Or maybe just being a great-looking, bi-sexual actor is enough. Especially if she loves cars too.

As usual, 8pm BBC2.

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