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Top Gear: John Prescott, Jaguar XJ, Porsche 959 Ferrari F40 & Moon Buggy

Sun, 27 Feb 2011

John Prescott is this week's SIARPC on Top Gear

That’s it, then. The end of Top Gear ’til later in the year, so the Sky+ won’t have much work on a Sunday until F1 returns in four weeks time.

Tonight the Beeb are chuffed to have bagged John Prescott to be this week’s Star in a reasonably priced car and spar with Jeremy. That’s John Prescott, former Deputy Prime Minister, father of the M4 bus lane, socialist, professional Yorkshireman, two-Jags owner and hypocrite. Prezza v Jezza. Seconds out – round one.

On the car front, Jeremy gets to go and play with the Jaguar XJ. How will Jezza find the Jaaaag? Will he be as impressed as we are with our long term XJ? Or will he be Luddite on the design? Apparently, Jeremy is going to pitch the XJ against creation, which seems a bit of a big ask. No point setting the bar too low.

Richard gets to go and play with proper supercars. That’s proper supercars that rely on the river to drive them, not more processing power than it takes to get to the moon.

The cars in question are the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari F40, perhaps the very last of the old-school supercars. No frippery (no proper windows on the F40 – well, the early cars), just power and performance that exhilarates - but they can bite.

James is off to the Houston and NASA to celebrate the moon buggy. It seems a very ‘May’ outing, but – beyond looking back at a moon buggy that’s now more than forty years old – James also takes a look at NASA’s current space exploration vehicle.

So that’s your lot. Series 16, episode 6 is the last in the series and on at the usual time – 8pm BBC2.

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