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Top Hyundai UK Dealers honoured

Thu, 06 Dec 2012

Hyundai’s top UK dealers have been honoured with awards at an event in Frankfurt. Bristol Street Motors, Monaghan Brothers, Sandon Road Hyundai and J T Hughes won awards.

There are lots of threads to making a brand succeed, and Hyundai’s stellar rise from budget ‘dofor’ to mainstream beating has meant weaving those threads together like a seamstress on a fine tapestry.

From advertising to PR to product to showcase, the brand will only work if all the elements combine properly to convince car buyers there’s substance to the product. And none of those threads are more important than the dealer experience.

So Hyundai has been busy awarding its front line European dealers at an award ceremony in Frankfurt, and a quartet of UK dealers fared very well.

Hyundai dealer awards come in four flavours - best overall, the best for sales, best service, and most improved – and the prize for the best overall was Bristol Street Motors in Peterlee, which managed to fare very well across all the judging categories and take the top gong.

Monaghan Brothers in Drumhaw, Northern Ireland, took the award for sales (and came second in the sales category across the whole of Europe), Sandon Road Hyundai in Stafford got the Service award and J T Hughes in Oswestry got the gong for most improved dealer. Well done to all.

So now, if you’re wondering which Hyundai UK dealer should get your business, you know which does what best.

Although, we’re certain, Hyundai would say all their dealers do a terrific job. Natch.

By Cars UK