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Toyota Aygo Platinum released

Fri, 13 Nov 2009

The new Toyota Aygo Platinum

As a City Car the Toyota Aygo is far from a bad choice. In fact, it’s quite a good choice. It does all the City Car stuff rather well. Its little 3-pot engine is a bit buzzy but revs well enough. It can be choppy with its firm suspension and short wheelbase, but as a means of whizzing round an urban environment it’s more than acceptable. But don’t try blatting down the motorway for any distance in the Aygo. You’ll want to swat it by the end.

So the Aygo works well when you’re buzzing around town. Surprisingly decent performance (despite what the figures say – 14 seconds to 60mph) makes driving around Town quite fun. It’s well made, but a bit cheap feeling. So Toyota are launching a tarted-up, top of the range Aygo – the Toyota Aygo Platinum – which should make you feel you’re in something a bit more premium when you’re sat in a jam.

The Aygo Platinum gets some premium trim – Leather and Alcantara – and a leather covered gear knob. Throw in a set of 14″ alloys and a metallic silver paint job and you have something that seems a bit more up-market. You can throw an extra £380 at the deal for the Aygo Xtra protected pack and get some extra body protection and rear parking sensors (why you would need them when the back of the car is at the back window I don’t know) and an additional £340 buys you stability control.

I can see why you’d want to have a nice bit of leather and Alcantara if you’re stuck in the car all day. Pick a model with AirCon, but as for the rest – save your money.








By Cars UK