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Toyota FT-86 leaks out. Well, FT-86 with Modellista extras

Thu, 27 Oct 2011

Toyota FT-86 leaks out (click picture for full size)

It’s no real surprise that the first photos of the Toyota FT-86 in production trim have leaked out from a printed brochure ahead of the official reveal at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

After all, printers have a lead time to get hard copy brochures printed and there’s nothing that leaks quite as much as a printer with a scoop on his desk.

So we get treated to what appear to be the first proper pictures of Toyota’s FT-86 (for the Subaru BRZ just add Subaru badges in your head), and it looks quite bit more aggressive than we’d expected. But that’s because the FT-86 appears to be wearing a custom makeover by the Modellista team at Toyota.

That means we’re seeing the FT-86 as good as it gets with a customised interior, a butch bodykit and some very non standard wheels, which are probably more to Japanese than European tastes.

Take away the Modellista bits from the FT-86 and what’s left is pretty much what we saw at Geneva when the FT-86 II arrived (without any interior) in its second iteration.

The main difference we can spot – ignoring the Modellista mods – is a swathe line running from the back of the front wheel arch and down the side to the rear wheel arch. But it’s the interior that looks most impressive.

Toyota FT-86 Interior

Toyota threatened to make the FT-86 an affordable and driver-focused sports car, and the interior looks far more driver-focused than anything coming from Toyota currently.

Sitting front and centre in the dash is a big, white-faced rev counter with a smaller speedo on its left. The cabin appears to be cocooning with proper grippy seats better to enjoy chucking the FT-86 around and there’s plenty of ‘Sporty’ detail on show.

How much of this will transfer to the bog-standard FT-86 is anyone’s guess, but Toyota has obviously pulled out the stops to make the interior of the FT-86 appeal to its target demographic.

Assuming this FT-86 leak is real, it won’t be long before Toyota – and Subaru – reveal the FT-86 and BRZ.


Source: FT86Club

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