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Toyota GT 86 will cost from £24,995

Fri, 03 Feb 2012

The Toyota GT 86 will start from £25k in the UK

Toyota has announced that their new affordable sports car – the Toyota GT 86 - will cost from £24,995 when it arrives in June.

After what seems like decades coming, the Toyota GT 86 – Toyota’s ‘affordable’ sports car for the masses – finally got revealed in production guise at the Tokyo Motor Show. And now we know it will cost from £24,995 when it arrives in the UK in June.

A price of £24,995 may be a chunk more than Toyota’s original claim the GT 86 would cost less than £20k, but it’s so long since they said that we can probably forgive them, especially as the Yen has gone from strength to strength since the £20k statement and every other currency has fallen off a cliff.

There’s no doubt there will be better equipped GT 86 models that cost a chunk more than £25k, and a lengthy option list to part the punter from more cash too, but £25k is not a terrible starting point for the GT 86.

For your £25k, even if there are a few missing buttons on the dash, you’ll get a light and nimble, good looking sports car with 197bhp, 151lb/ft of torque and weighing in at 1180kg. It could do with more power, but that will no doubt arrive in a year or two.

A better price for the Toyota GT 86 than we’d expected.

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