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Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon makes its debut at Goodwood (video)

Mon, 15 Jul 2013

The Toyota GT86 TRD Griffon 9Pictured) made its debut at Goodwood this weekend

We’re still waiting for Toyota to make a more powerful version of the GT86 (and Subaru the BRZ), but we are starting to get more focused versions. We’ve already seen the GT86 TRD – developed by Toyota Racing development – as a road car limited edition, and last month we learnt that Toyota were going to debut a track version – theĀ GT86 TRD Griffon – and that it would arrive at Goodwood.

Now the Griffon has arrived looking immensely purposeful with its wings and diffuser and carbon fibre for the roof, doors, bonnet and boot and some severe fettling of the oily stuff with upgraded brakes, new alloys, mechanical limited slip diff and stiffer suspension.

We still don’t know what all that weight shedding and mechanical tweaking has done for the GT86, but it’s almost academic.

With all those expensive bits of carbon fibre and CRFP it’s highly unlikely Toyota will turn the Griffon in to any sort of production model as it would be just too expensive, but it does give us an idea of what Toyota can do without offering more power.

But surely, the time has come for a turbo and/or supercharger to be bolted to the GT86?

By Cars UK