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Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid teased on video

Thu, 05 Jan 2012

Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid Video Tease

Ahead of a reveal at the Detroit Motor Show, we get another tease for the Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid, this time with a video.

We’ve already had a tease for the new Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid, which arrived just before Christmas with very little detail and just a single teaser photo of the offside headlight. Now with the Detroit Motor Show looming, Toyota has churned out a video tease for the NS4, but we’re still none the wiser.

The video perhaps gives us a few clues, but then again, perhaps not. We get to see tha badge on the front wing (be still, my beating heart) and a glimpse of design sketches. The sketches point towards some sort of plug-in hybrid coupe, whether a sport job or four-door swoopy coupe it’s hard to say. And concept sketches do tend to exaggerate the swoopiness of everything, so perhaps we shouldn’t read too much in to it.

What we do know is the Toyota are calling the NS4 an ‘Advanced’ Plug-in Hybrid. What that means we have no idea. We could hope it means more power or a proper gearbox, but somehow we doubt it. It probably means the HSD lump in the NS4 is more frugal or less emitting.

We are also assuming that the NS4 is going to point the direction for Toyota’s hybrid design, which could do with a bit of work. The blobby blandness of the Prius might have made a ‘Difference’ statement when it launched, but times have moved on and there seems no reason to differentiate ‘Hybrid’ and ‘Eco’ from mainstream design any more.

But we’ll find out at Detroit next week.

By Cars UK