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Toyota Prius Recall: 5,000 UK cars affected – 242,000 worldwide

Wed, 05 Jun 2013

5,000 2009 Toyota Prius (pictured) are being recalled

Toyota has had a bit of a nightmare with recalls in recent years, and the news that they’re now having to recall 242,000 Prius models from 2009 worldwide is another financial, and logistical, problem for Toyota.

But in truth, the recalls are about car makers now taking responsibility for faults in their cars which become apparent long after warranties have expired, and that’s no bad thing.

The Prius models affected are those built between March 2009 and October 2009 (you can check if your car is affected here) and the UK has 4,947 cars on the road that need to be looked at by Toyota’s dealers.

The problem discovered is with the brake pressure accumulator where Toyota has discovered that the bellows can develop fatigue cracks allowing nitrogen – which is housed between the bellows and the casing – to leak in to the brake fluid, diminishing the effectiveness of the brakes.

If this does happen you should get a warning light and so far there have been just 2 reports of the problem in the UK and 93 worldwide (no reported accidents as a result) but Toyota are taking no chances and are replacing the brake pressure accumulator on all the affected cars.

Toyota will be in touch if your car needs the fix, but if you want extra information you can click the link above for more or call Toyota Customer Relations on 0800 1388744.

By Cars UK