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Two million drivers risk insurance fraud

Wed, 21 May 2014

MORE THAN 2 million drivers in the UK could be at risk of committing insurance fraud by claiming they are the main driver on a policy when someone else uses the car. As many as 6% of the UK’s drivers are risking invalidating their insurance by letting someone else drive the car for most of the time despite claiming they are the principal driver.

Known as ‘fronting’, this kind of insurance fraud is common among parents helping their children to get cheaper car insurance. Research by Privilege shows that among drivers who are guilty of fronting, there are 1 million ‘phantom’ drivers who have never even sat in the car they claim to be the main driver for.

Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance for Privilege, said: ‘It is vital that drivers know what circumstances they can drive under and if they are a named or main driver.’

The same research also fund there is a lack of understanding among drivers about what level of cover they require for their car insurance. One on five (21%) of drivers did not realise that driving another vehicle using their DOC (Driving Other Cars) cover from their own insurance would not pay for damage to the car they are driving in the event of a collision.

Fielding added: ‘Having a comprehensive policy may mean that someone can drive other cars, although it should be noted that this is not automatically included in all policies, but it does not mean that the vehicle is covered on a comprehensive basis. Rather, the insurer will pay for any costs incurred by the third party only; leaving the driver liable for any costs to the vehicle they were driving.’

By Press Association reporters