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UK Car Numberplates – National Flag now legal

Mon, 27 Apr 2009

It is now legal to display a national flag on UK Car Number Plates


I bet, just like us, you already thought it was legal to have your UK Car Numberplate displaying the national flag of your choice. But it wasn’t. At least until today.

It has been a bone of contention for Brits for years. Why on earth do we have to display the ridiculous EU starry flag on our number plates together with ‘GB’? There are very few Brits who are hugely pro the EU, and even those that are are usually prone to consider themselves English, Welsh or Scottish – not ‘European’.

The fact that so many cars are roaming around our roads with national flags on their numberplates shows how little regard there is for the law as it stood. So it’s eminently sensible to change things so we can legally display a national flag. So from today, you can fly your flag with pride on your number plates, be it the Union Flag, Cross of St George, The Welsh Red Dragon or the Saltire (St Andrews Cross).

And the plus is it gives plod one less excuse to pull you over (assuming you ever see a policeman in the wild!).

By Cars UK