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UK drivers disinterested in electric cars

Wed, 02 Jul 2014

DRIVERS in the UK are not interested in electric cars, with only 5% stating they would think about buying one, according to new research.

A further 14% of drivers say they have considered an electric car but rejected and bought a petrol, diesel or hybrid car instead. More than half (56%) of British drivers said they had not even thought about an electric car as a possible replacement for their existing vehicle.

Fears over running out of battery power and the cost of buying and running an electric car put off many UK drivers. Dr Daniel Newman, a specialist in electric vehicles from Cardiff University, said: ‘These results show attitudes remain ambivalent – despite the fact that electric vehicles have been around for decades. Just one in 20 people are thinking about buying an electric car or van, and only one in 100 actually intend to do so in the immediate future.

‘While 14% of those surveyed had considered the vehicles and decided against buying into the technology, over half of the sample simply hadn't even thought about it. Those who have rejected the vehicles are put off by concerns over the batteries and cost. A large number display range anxiety, the fear of being stranded out of charge, as well as the relatively lengthy periods of recharging and doubts over how long they will last.’

Dr Newman also pointed out that many drivers in the UK are concerned about the cost of electric cars, even allowing for the government’s £5000 Plug-In Car Grant. He added: ‘These doubts are familiar refrains that continue to hold back electric vehicles despite the efforts of government and investment made by the automotive sector.’

By Press Association reporters