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Unbelievable SSC Ultimate Aero EV

Thu, 22 Jan 2009

Prius was an easy way out for celebs who didn’t want their ‘Public’ to think them flash Jacks, but they always had a Cayenne Turbo or a Lamborghini LP640 tucked away in the garage. But the rise of cars like the Tesla, despite its drawbacks, has pushed the maker of the world’s fastest production car, the Ultimate Aero SSC, to look at ways to keep their clientèle happy in these changing times.

SSC must feel there is a danger their market may disappear if truly powerful and appealing cars appear that are perceived as green and start to take over the marketplace. Why bob around in a Prius if you can still do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds in a car with green credentials?

SSC has announced they are developing an electric Ultimate aero

So today SSC has announced their Ultimate Aero SSC EV which, if you believe the press release, is a bit like turning water in to wine or inventing the Perpetual Motion Machine.

According to SSC, their Ultimate Aero SSC EV is going to offer a 200 mile range, be charged from a standard 13 amp socket in just 10 minutes and offer power outputs from 200bhp to a frankly unbelievable 1200bhp. Admittedly the 1200bhp version is for trucks, but they intend releasing an SSC EV with 500bhp!

I do hope they’re right. I’ll be queueing up for one if they pull it off, but it’s a hard pill to swallow based on current battery technology. Now I don’t want to be overly sceptical about this, but we know that it’s not long ago that SSC were offering the Ultimate Aero at half price on the quiet – and that’s for the latest model. Apparently they needed the money, which these days is no surprise. Could this possibly be a very optimistic pitch in the hope of attracting big investments? Surely not?

Of course, we have no real reason to disbelieve a reputable company like SSC, so we look forward to seeing the prototype when it turns up in Summer.

Good luck, guys!

By Cars UK