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VW Beetle Final Edition (2010) at LA

Thu, 03 Dec 2009

The 2010 VW Final Edition revealed at the LA Amotor Show

There is really only one place that holds a torch for the Volkswagen Beetle, and that’s the USA. So it’s entirely appropriate the VW chose the LA Motor Show to launch what will be the last version of the Beetle before an all new Beetle arrives in 2012.

The Final Edition Beetle marks eleven years of almost unchanged production for a less than convincing recreation of a motoring icon. The modern Beetle is really a parody of rather than an homage to the original and iconic Beetle. It has never succeeded in the way that the modern Fiat 500 is, or indeed the MINI has in carrying forward the original torch of the Alec Issigonis Mini. The Beetle seems a much more cynical marketing exercise than either the Fiat or the MINI but VW still manages to shift 50,ooo a year in the US.

So there seems precious little chance that VW will fail to shift the 1500 convertible and 1500 hardtop  Limited Edition Beetles it will make. Aquarius Blue is the theme for the Final Edition, with the hard top getting a contrasting black roof and the convertible getting Campanella White side panels and soft top. A few other tweaks including Sports Suspension, Final Edition badges and unique alloys top things off.

The Beetle will still be propelled by the same wheezy 2.5 litre 5-pot lump with a six-speed auto ‘box.┬áNo word on if the Final Edition will make it this side of the Pond, but it’s probably unlikely. There is a chance VW will roll a Final Edition of some sort out over here, but it looks as if this one will be US only.

For reference, the convertible costs $27,170 and the Coupe $20,240.

By Cars UK