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VW Golf R – US bound

Mon, 13 Jun 2011

VW Golf R - US bound

We like the VW Golf R. It’s a hot-hatch for grown-ups. A car that can be pootled around town when you’re just going about your everyday business; shops, kids; errands. The usual stuff. Which is good.

It doesn’t look like a car lusted after by teenage boys with pizza faces and trousers they buy by hip size. It looks normal. Yes, it sits a little lower; its wheels are a little bigger; it looks purposeful. But it doesn’t look like a Halfords special. It’s a grown-up car for grown-up drivers.

But when you feel the mood arrive. When nothing will scratch the itch quite like a B-road blast, the Volkswagen Golf R steps up to the mark.

It doesn’t look as sexy as its younger sibling, the Scirocco R. It doesn’t make you fight quite as hard to go where you point as the Scirocco either. In fact it goes where you want it to go almost all the time, and whatever the state of grip, thanks to its four wheel drive.

All of which make the Golf R a very appealing car. So appealing that a bunch of Americans actually want one. Quite badly. So they’ve been hustling VW in the US to relent and import the Golf R. And the good news is that VW has relented.

America is to get the Volkswagen Golf R. Well, sort of. VW has said they will bring in 1,000 Golf Rs to placate the lust of the Americans who know a good car when they see one. But we can’t belive it’ll stop there.

For a start, we’d expect those 1,000 cars to go in quick sticks. Which is no doubt why VW has said they’ll only offer 1,000 cars. But would they really mess around with all the EPA and DOT stuff needed to take the Golf R Stateside if they were only going to do it in limited numbers? We think not.

But just in case, best you hassle your VW dealers for a Golf R now if you live on the wrong side of the Pond and know cars.

Order books open in July.


By Cars UK