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VW Passat gets DSG

Fri, 30 Jan 2009

Spawned from the very middle of the road Passat, the CC brings the style of the Mercedes CLS to the sector below. A truly good looking car, which should, if there were any justice, sell by the bucket load.

VW Passat CC now gets the superb DSG gearbox

And VW has just made the CC even more desirable by adding a 7 speed DSG option to the mix.

VW’s DSG gearbox is a real peach. Effectively two gearboxes in one, it provide the best of both worlds, with an auto box that shifts as quickly as a manual. It has two clutches, one to control ‘odd’ gears and reverse and one for ‘even’ gears. This means that whatever gear you are in, the next gear is running but not engaged, making for almost instant and seamless changes. It’s an absolute joy to drive. It’s a wonder it hasn’t made it in to more VW cars. The R8 being a good case in point.

But now the Passat CC has the option of this box, and despite the price penalty, it’s something every buyer should opt for. The extra cost of the DSG is around £1200 on all CC models, from the 1.8 TSi through to the 3.6 V6 4MOTION. But so good is the DSG box, fuel consumption improves by around 5%, acceleration is quicker and Co2 emissions drop.

A very stylish and well made 4 door coupe, made even better by the addition of DSG.

By Cars UK