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VW Polo BlueMotion (2010) launched

Thu, 18 Feb 2010

Volkswagen has launched the 2010 VW Polo BlueMotion in the UK

Yesterday we got the range-topping, hot-hatch goodness that is the VW Polo GTI. Today we go from one extreme to the other with the UK launch of the VW Polo BlueMotion, for those car buyers who value  economy over performance.

As we’ve said before, the latest VW Polo is a great little car (although not so little any more) and feels more like a ‘little big car’ than just a little car. So if you’re a man-made climate change believer – or just looking for the most economical way to run around in a VW Polo – the Polo BlueMotion will suit just fine.

Powered by VW’s 1.2 litre 3-pot diesel it manages to churn out 75 horses and an acceptable 133lb/ft of torque. That’s not going to be enough to compete in the traffic-light grand prix (0-60mph in 13.9 seconds), but it will still be enough to row the BlueMotion along without feeling like you need to punch holes in the floor to help it along, à la Fred Flintstone.

But the Polo Bluemotion’s real point is not its performance but its economy. And here it does deliver, with an average of 80.7 mpg and CO2 figures of 91g/km, which makes a change from car makers favourite 99g/km. The economy is achieved with the usual mix of green toys including stop/start, higher gearing, regenerative braking, aerodynamic tweaks and low rolling resistance tyres.

Volkswagen tell us that the Polo Bluemotion is ready to order in the UK with first customer cars hitting in May. Prices start at £14,445 for the 3-door and £15,045 for the 5-door.

By Cars UK