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VW Scirocco & VW Passat CC get BlueMotion Technology

Tue, 23 Nov 2010

The VW Passat CC BlueMotion Technology - with added economy

Volkswagen is busy rolling out its BlueMotion Technology models (as opposed to the ultimate eco version in the range, which is simply ‘BlueMotion’) across its range, yielding some pretty impressive CO2 and fuel savings in the process.

Now it’s the turn of the VW Scirocco and VW Passat CC to get the BlueMotion Technology tweaking and fettling to yield the right numbers to keep the taxman at bay. And, just as they have with other VW BlueTechnology models, VW has managed to tease and cajole some pretty impressive numbers from both the Scirocco and Passat CC.

All the VW Scirocco models with VW’s 2.0-litre TDI 140 PS (138bhp) lump get the BlueMotion gubbins which manages 118g/km CO2 (down from 129g/km before) and economy of 62.8mpg (was 57.6mpg). The 170PS lump also gets a bit of a tweak for better CO2 and economy, although it doesn’t get badged BlueMotion.

In the Passat CC both the 140PS models and the 170PS get the BlueMotion treatment (and labelled as such). This improves the figures on the 140PS to 125g/km CO2 (was 139g/km) and 60.1mpg (was 53.3mpg), and the 170PS now emitts 129g/km (was 144g/km) and averages 57.6 mpg (was 51.4).

The BlueMotion tweaks and fiddles – which include stuff like stop/start and regenerative braking – make very little difference to the enjoyment of the car but do bring sizeable cost benefits. Apart from the improved economy the lower CO2 emissions drop the Scirocco two tax brackets.

BlueMotion, BlueMagic.

By Cars UK