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VW Tiguan – People’s Reviewer Winner

Tue, 22 Sep 2009

Harriet Gore gets a VW Tiguan as the winner of the People's Review

The last update we did had the three finalists doing different challenges to bid for votes. Johnny was taking the Tiguan off to a sheep farm to play around; Eric was off to Silverstone to have a bash on the track and the skid-pan and Harriet was off on a mystery tour round Oxford (which as we said at the time was no easy thing).

Well, the winner’s been announced this morning and it’s Harriet, who wins a nice shiny VW Tiguan for her efforts. And frankly, it’s no great surprise. All the contestants enlisted help from every area they could online and offline to garner votes, but Harriet had an ace up her sleeve. She intends driving the Tiguan to Romania to donate it to Romanian Relief. Which no doubt brought in a vote or three.

And we had a suspicion it would go this way as our server logs showed a fair few people coming and checking out the story from a link on a forum asking people to support Harriet’s charitable venture. So good on her, and commiserations to the losing finalists.

Did VW come up with anything new in the way of car reviews? Frankly, no. But many of them were more than competent, and it was a good campaign to get some awareness going for the Tiguan. We covered quite a few of the bits surrounding the competition, and we weren’t the only ones. So it was a decent wodge of ¬†free publicity.

By Cars UK