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Video: The making of Forza Motorsport 4

Wed, 22 Feb 2012

Turn 10, the studio behind the design of Forza Motorsport 4 video game, has produced a video to revealed the lengthy process behind the creation of each car in their virtual pit garage.

The video describes each, painstaking step from sourcing of the cars that will feature in the game to the development of the sound of each car.

Some cars are scanned using equipment which gives accurate readings to 1/12,000 inch (around 0.002mm) is used to capture data that's imported into software used by anyone familiar with a design studio. When it's not possible to scan the car, they are photographed from multiple angles with digital models and textures built around them.

By placing surround sound microphones in the cockpit and using a dynamometer, the designers at Turn 10 can replicate the noise of the car when the driver is inside the car.

Suffice to say it's quite a complicated process with many parallels to digital modeling in automotive design studios.

By Rufus Thompson