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Volkswagen Cross Coupé: VW compact hybrid SUV Concept at Tokyo

Wed, 30 Nov 2011

Volkswagen Cross Coupé Concept at Tokyo

Volkswagen to debut the VW Cross Coupe Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, a compact hybrid SUV that’s smaller than a Tiguan and bigger than a golf.

Volkswagen are taking the VW Cross Coupe to the Tokyo Motor Show this week, and it looks a bit like they’ve taken inspiration for their new car from every successful current car niche, in the hope the cross coupe will strike a chord with buyers.

From the name – which VW used for the concept version of the Q3 – to a bit of SUV, a small dose of swoopy coupe all wrapped up in a crossover, the Cross Coupe appears to be conceived to be all things to all car buyers.

The Cross Coupe is underpinned by VW’s new modular transverse matrix platform (MQB), and is a bit bigger than a Golf and a bot smaller than a Tiguan. But it gets a longer wheelbase than either so it should be commodious and it has proper off-road pretensions with impressive approach angles - 24.2 degrees at the front and 32.5 degrees at the back – and decent ground clearance.

Thos off-road pretensions are also helped by 4WD, courtesy of a hybrid setup that puts an electric motor on each axle. The TSI petrol engine and electric motors deliver 261b hp, with the electric motor on the back axle contributing 112bhp to that total.

Cleverly, VW has built the Cross Coupe’s batteries in to the transmission tunnel (no prop shaft as the rear wheels are driven by the electric motor) for a low centre of gravity. Which should help the Cross Coupe stay planted if you wind it up to go – it’ll get to 60mph in under 7 seconds.

Mickey taking about the Cross Coupe’s cynical exploitation of trendy car niches apart, the compact SUV/Crossover/Swoopy Coupe from Volkswagen is an impressive concept.

It looks to offer great economy (and it can do  40km on the electric motors), decent accommodation, a dynamic drive and some off-road ability

Clever VW Cross Coupe Concept.

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