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Volkswagen Golf GTI Adidas & Golf GTI Exclusive at Wörthersee 2010

Thu, 13 May 2010

The VW Golf GTI Adidas at Worthersee

The Worthersee Tour is a big customisers event for Volkswagens held every year in May in Worthersee in Austria. It’s been a feature on the calendar since 1982 and was originally a meet up for owners of the original Golf GTI. Over the years it has become much more and we see all sorts of cars from the VW group such as the seven Audi A1 specials this year and the Audi Q5 Worthersee Concept last year. But every year VW take along a special Golf, and this year they’ve brought two – The VW Golf GTI Adidas and the Golf GTI Excessive.

The Golf GTI Excessive is a concept equipped with add-on parts in high-gloss black piano paint. The point seems to be to define lines on the GTI as though cut with a razor blade. That’s what the bumph that came in from VW says but we can’t let you see a picture as they haven’t sent us any. But we’re working on it.

On the other hand the VW Golf GTI Adidas is going to be a Limited Edition Golf. VW adon’t often go completely OTT with boy-racer add-ons (although it has been known for Worthersee), and the Adidas makeover is modest. The exterior gets 18″ ‘Serron’ alloys and an Adidas badge or three, bi-xenon headlights and LED tail lights. On the interior you gets sports seats in black with red bolsters instead of the usual ugly VW tartan.

We don’t know if the UK will get the Golf GTI Adidas. We’ve asked VW, but it’s a bit late in the day for an answer.

But we’ll update when we know.

Update: VW UK tell us that the Golf GTI Adidas won’t be offered in the UK.

By Cars UK