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Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet price cut – down by £5,600

Thu, 13 Jun 2013

The VW Golf R Cabriolet (pictured) drops in price by £5,600

We’ve long wondered why Volkswagen hadn’t built a Golf R Cabriolet.

But when they did finally bite the bullet and take the top of the Golf R for a production run, it was a bit of a let down. It was a let down because it seemed so cynical. The Golf R Cabriolet wasn’t just based on the old Golf MK 6 – even when the Golf MK 7 was on sale – but it came at a properly silly price – £38,770.

At that price, the Golf R was more expensive than the new Mercedes A45 AMG and more even than the starting point for the Porsche Boxster. But VW has now had a re-think and decided they got the price point wrong.

With immediate effect, VW are reducing the price of the Golf R Cabrio from that eye-watering £39k to a more reasonable £33,170, which with the GTI Cabriolet costing just under £30k, seems more viable.

But what about anyone who’s been daft enough to pay almost £40k for a Golf R Cabriolet already, you may ask? It seems VW has that covered, and will be refunding the difference in price.

We don’t expect it will be a long list of payees.

By Cars UK