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Volkswagen Woofwagen – There’s a dog for every VW (video)

Thu, 31 Oct 2013

There’s a dog for every Volkswagen

Instead of focusing on marketing just one car in its enormous range, Volkswagen UK has decided to go mad and produce one video advert for its entire line-up. Sensibly, VW has used a simple mechanism to make sure the advert gets the attention of British car buyers by using 36 different dogs to identify with the over 20 car VW model range (and it’s not the first time VW has used a lot of dogs to promote their cars).

With getting on for half of all UK households owning at least one dog, it’s a simple way to get attention from viewers along with lots of ‘Aaahs’ and ‘that one looks just like ours’ to keep attention to the end of the sales pitch.

VW has even gone as far as driving all enquiries from the new video to a VW Dog page which shows all of VW’s models and the dogs that were picked to illustrate the model’s characteristics, from the Tiguan ‘Boxer’ to the Touran ‘Alsatian’ via the Beetle ‘Jack Russell’ and the Up! ‘Husky’.

Nick Pates, VW’s UK Communications Manager, said:

It’s easy to promote a single Volkswagen, but to convey the sheer breadth of our range of over 20 cars was quite a challenge. We had great fun matching dogs to cars and the filming was like nothing I’ve ever done before.  The dogs were fantastic and we hope this ad puts a smile on people’s faces.

And if it does put a smile on people’s faces and turn that in to VW sales, the man from VW will be smiling too.

By Cars UK