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Volvo S60 (2010 / 2011) details

Tue, 09 Feb 2010

Volvo has released much more detail on the 2010 S60

The new Volvo S60 has been on its way for a very long time. We had the concept S60 at the Detroit Motor Show at the start of 2009 and Volvo teased the 2010 S60 (as they would) at the end of 2008. But the reveal proper is closing in (Geneva Motor Show next month) so we now have a raft of information from Volvo and some new S60 photos.

Volvo wants the new S60 to be the biggest selling car in its range, emulating – and exceeding – the last S60 which sold a million and peaked at annual sales of 110,000 in 2002. And if looks and sepc are anything to go by it has more than a fighting chance, particularly if you throw in the Chinese market that should now open up in a big way with Geely taking Volvo off Ford’s hands.

Volvo are presenting the S60 as a proper driving car, and making a big point of emphasising the improvements to the S60′s chassis and suspension. The S60 has a good start in this department – based as it is on an extended Mondeo chassis – and Volvo are going to offer two variants for buyers – Comfort and Dynamic.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Europe gets the Dynamic setup as standard but the big soft Yanks get Comfort. But you can specify the reverse option in each market if you want, so Americans who enjoy the ‘Drive’ can make the most of the S60 and Brits who want to wallow can opt for that.

With an emphasis on the dynamics of the S60 it’s not too astonishing that Volvo are making the only petrol engine available at launch a bit of a bruiser. The S60 T6 gets a 304bhp 6 pot lump which gets to 60mph in 6.3 seconds. Also on offer at launch are a pair of 5 pot diesels – the S60 D5 and the S60 D3 – offering 205bhp and 163bhp. Three more petrol engines – ranging from 150-240bhp – will be launched later as will the S60 DRIVe eco-job.

The S60 gets a good spec and the requisite Volvo safety features including Volvo’s Pedestrian Detection System which detects a pedestrian in the way and slams on the anchors. Details on this – and a heap more info – can be found in the 2010/2011 Volvo S60 Press Release.

No information on prices yet but Volvo tell us there will be UK specific information and prices ‘at a later date’.

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