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Volvo’s self-parking car will park your Volvo for you

Thu, 20 Jun 2013

Volvo’s self-parking car will do parking for you

It’s rapidly getting to the point where drivers will need to do little more than be in the car to ‘drive’ it, with technology taking away control of tasks like parking. But a new technology from Volvo means you don’t even need to be in the car to park it.

Volvo has been working on an autonomous parking that uses¬†Vehicle 2 Infrastructure technology – which is basically sensors built in to the road – where the sensors guide the car to a vacant space. All you have to do is turn up at a car park that has the technology fitted, jump out, grab your phone, fire up your parking App and you’re good to go.

Your car will then move off to a vacant parking space – spotting other traffic and pedestrians en route so it doesn’t plough in to anything – and then park up.

When you get back to the car park you fire up the App again, tell your car you’re ready to leave, and it will ‘un-park’ itself and arrive at the exit for you to jump in.

It’s all part of Volvo’s plans to bring autonomous driving to their cars as soon as possible which, combined with Volvo’s long-standing penchant for safety technology, could see the complete eradication of car accidents as we know them.

It’s all very laudable – and doubtless very sensible – and there was a time, not too long ago, when you’d have been chuffed to just jump in a Volvo and let it take all the strain.

But now Volvos have actually become interesting to drive, it seems a bit ironic Volvo are working so hard to take control away from the driver.

By Cars UK