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Volvo: Geneva Motor Show 2013

Sat, 09 Mar 2013

Volvo has facelift versions of the S80, V70 XC70, S60, V60 and XC60 plus Cyclist Detection, new Auto High Beam and a tie-up with Spotify at Geneva.

That’s down to Volvo’s decision to give almost their whole range a facelift (with the exception of the too new to facelift V40 and the soon to be replaced XC90) to keep their cars fresh-looking until they’re replaced.

The comprehensive range makeover means a new Volvo face – inspired by Volvo’s Concept You – with a wider-looking nose, new bumpers, tweaks to the emissions and economy and new options on the S80, S60 and V60.

And despite feeling the new Volvos looked bland when they were revealed before Geneva, we now think, in the flesh, the makeover works well.

But it wouldn’t be Volvo without some new safety innovations, and Volvo are previewing three of them at Geneva this year.

The new Cyclist Detection – an enhancement of the current detection and auto brake technology Volvo already fits – can monitor a cyclist travelling ahead – in the same direction – and react if it swerves in to your path and slam on the brakes to avoid, or mitigate the impact of, a coming together.

That will no doubt mitigate potential injuries for cyclists, but what it will do for rear-end collisions when the driver behind you isn’t as quick as Volvo’s automatic braking, we don’t like to think.

Volvo has also revealed its new Active High Beam control that lets you drive everywhere with main beams on – so you can see more – and only shades the part of the beam that would dazzle other drivers when they approach you – or you approach them – by using the same sensors the auto brake detection uses to shade only the area that would blind other drivers.

Finally, Volvo has teamed up with Spotify to offer streaming music through Volvo’s latest Sensus system.

By Cars UK