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Watch a reverse car jump record get broken

Tue, 18 Feb 2014

Jumping a car from ramp to ramp while driving forward takes a quite a bit of skill, but at least you can see where you're going. But what about jumping a car backwards? We honestly had no idea that a Guinness World Record existed for the Farthest Reverse Ramp Jump by a Car, so imagine our surprise when we learned that professional skateboarder and MTV personality Rod Dyrdek set out to break that record at Six Flags Magic Mountain using a Chevrolet Sonic.

To qualify for the record, Dyrdek had to successfully land the Chevrolet on the catch ramp and be able to drive away from the landing. And as you'll see, landing successfully is only half the challenge.

The host of MTV's "Fantasy Factory" pulled off the stunt handily in the Sonic, jumping it 89 feet, 3.25 inches, with at least 10 to 15 feet to spare in terms of clearing the landing ramp. Perhaps the scariest moment was after sticking the landing, considering there wasn't much runoff room.

All we can say is that this isn't a record we'd like to attempt.

By Jay Ramey