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Watch craftsmen build the Alfa Romeo 4C

Thu, 13 Jun 2013

Hey, remember the Alfa Romeo 4C? Maybe the long lag between the two-seater's Geneva motor show debut and the launch scheduled for later this year (to say nothing of the car's maddeningly long gestation period) has left your memory a little rusty, but the workers at the Modena Maserati plant haven't forgotten about the 4C.

Need proof? Then check out this gallery and video showing the painstaking 4C construction process, from the cutting of composite fabrics that form the car's panels and structure to the curing of those carbon-fiber parts.

Remember, the arachnid-eyed sports car gets a 240-hp 1.8-liter engine paired with a six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The 1,200 4Cs expected to reach North America should retail for around $78,000 -- a pretty steep price, but one that makes a bit more sense after watching highly trained line workers/composite material artisans hand-assemble much of the car in the video below.

Oh, and if you're impatient, skip ahead to the 7:30 mark to watch the Alfa slide around a track.

By Graham Kozak