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Watch this: Grand Prix title sequence

Tue, 10 Apr 2012

Note: Embedding the above video was disabled by the user who uploaded it. It won't play on this page, but it's worth a click through to YouTube. Alternatively, you can watch it below.

The opening of the film Grand Prix is famous. It's been posted on the Internet before. Many Autoweek readers have seen it, so it might not be what you'd call fresh. But with Ron Howard working day and night on his new Formula One movie, it's relevant.

Graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass is one of the greats, and his incredible talent is on full display here. Even if you aren't a design geek, you'll get to watch and listen to F1 cars from the 1960s. Plug your headphones in, hit “full screen” and watch it.

Thanks to the excellent Motoring Con Brio for reminding us of this gem. Be warned, if you start looking at Motoring Con Brio, you probably will be compelled to go back through the site's entire history and read every post. It takes about eight hours, including breaks.

By Rory Carroll