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XCar talks to Chuck (Morgan) about the Morgan AeroMax

Tue, 12 Mar 2013

Auto enthusiast YouTube channel XCar recently interviewed Charles Morgan, managing director of Morgan Motor Company, about the British car company, its AeroMax coupe and “automotive theater.”

Morgan joined the family business in 1985. His father ran the company before him and his father, Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan founded the company in 1910.

Morgan says he thinks that the Aeromax -- which happens to be his daily driver -- is one of the most beautiful cars in the world. He also says the company was nervous when it revealed the car in Geneva. It was the company's first vehicle to cost more than 100,000 British pounds. It was supposed to be a one-off, but Morgan made 100 after being overwhelmed with interest.

He says the car is practical; it can carry groceries home from the store, and do it with style. To Morgan, “automotive theater” is not just when you pull up to a gas station in a new car and everyone stops and looks: It's really about how after you've pumped and paid, the people are still there waiting to see it move. He says even after five years, the car still stops people in their tracks.

We won't spoil the whole video, but it's an interesting 12-minute watch. If you have the time, we highly recommend it.

Thanks for the tip Tom D.!

By Jake Lingeman