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Bmw Climate Control Repair Rebuild E36 Fix 318 323 328 on

US $34.95

Locust Valley, New York, United States

Locust Valley, New York, United States

You are not buying a climate control.  This Ebay sale is for the repair of your unit!  

You must remove it and send it to us so we can repair it and return it back to you with free return shipping






 Or call us at 516-902-4899

  • Is your E36 digital climate control possessed?
  • Is it switching itself off and on?
  • Is it resetting itself?
  • Does it appear to be off or on but your heater/AC still run?
  • Does it momentarily get better when you shake it or jiggle the wires? 
  • Display going dim?
  • Display going off completely?


If you answered "YES" to any of these symptoms listed above, then your unit is faulty and it is in need of repair.

This is a common problem with these BMW climate control units. New units are over $400 dollars! ( Not to mention Labor and programming charges). Don't waste your money! Don't listen to the BMW Dealers ( BMW stealers I call them). You don't need a new unit! Keep your unit and let me repair it at a fraction of the cost. I have repaired over a thousand units through out the years and saved people lots of money. As a certified BMW technician, I can tell you that there is no one who repairs these units as well as I do! My work is unsurpassable.

  • BEWARE:  I was the first to start these repairs here on ebay after years of helping people out on BMW forums. You will find many newbies running similar repair services as I do but in no way can they duplicate or match my workmanship. The parts they use are not recommended and will not last. Don't risk burning your unit or harness out completely. This can result to further damage and potentially a fire! 
  • Ask these newbies if they will fix everything on the board!
  • Ask if you will get a lifetime warranty with your repair!  That's right LIFETIME! 
  • Ask if they will replace LCD screens
  • Ask if they perform unsuccessful attempted repairs.
  • Ask if they replace or have spare parts, faces, buttons, fans, relays, etc..
  • Ask if they return your own unit back.  You do not want a cheap aftermarket swaped unit back!
  • Ask if they program the unit.
  • Ask if they ever worked for BMW and if they are certified by BMW!
  • Ask how many repairs they have done! Check and compare feedback.

Check my ebay feedback ratings and see for yourself. Over 2200 repairs!

I don't just repair these units, I correct the design error so the problem doesn't come back! No one does this. Other ebay sellers fix or by-pass only what went wrong with your unit!  I in turn repair everything on the board to guarantee a trouble free unit that will last a lifetime!

I also return your unit programmed and ready to use.  No need to go to the dealer and have it programmed. When you receive your unit back simply plug and play. Other so called "repairers" on ebay will not reprogram your unit because they do not have the capabilities.

My 2000+ feedback and many years of experience speak for itself! Take a look for yourself.


Over 2000+ positive feedbacks!  


I have noticed many customers who have tried repairing their units themselves and failed. Why take the chance on rendering your unit unserviceable? 
The printed circuit are double-sided. These units are very fragile and very easy to damage. There is tedious soldering involved in repairing these units. Without the proper skills, parts and suitable de-soldering tools, we can almost guarantee failure. 
Don't risk further damage to the unit. Send it to us and get it done right the first time. 


  •  Send me your faulty unit and I will repair it and send it back to you fixed within 8 hours of receiving it. ! Same day turn around time. 


  • I will give you a life time warrantee on all work performed!


  • Excellent customer relation. Ask me any question and I will be more than happy to help you. My feedback speaks for itself! Emails answered within minutes.


How to remove your unit

Removing your unit is very easy. Yes, you can do it. I promise it's easy! There are three methods to do it. Easiest is method three.

  • 1st method. You can remove and slide your radio out. (To remove your radio simply unfasten both small Allen screws behind the doors on either end of the radio) Now you can get behind your unit to push it out. 



  • 2nd method. You can also pop your unit out by 1st sliding your On Board Computer out from the bottom... ( To remove your on board computer simply stick your finger in the sunglass console and pop out the obc) Now you can get behind your unit to push it out. 



  • 3rd method. The easiest! You can simply pry the sides of your unit out with a flat head screw driver or butter knife. The unit should pop out with no damage to the dash or the unit.



  • Simply disconnect the plug from the unit by moving the white clip downwards. 



  • Sometimes with the unit disconnected from the vehicle, the blower motor will stay on. If you would like to temporarily stop the blower motor from blowing in your face then simply disconnect the fuse shown below. 

That's it. It's that simple! Just send me your unit and I will repair it and return it back to you same day.

This repair is for the common on/off problem with faulty and damaged circuitry described above. Extra repair fees applies to units with broken/cracked screens or pixels.

Note: Tried to repair the unit or had someone repair it for you and failed?  No worry. There's still hope.  We can repair it and save you big.

I also offer these units for $225.00 OEM with lifetime warranty.  If your interested please drop me an email or check us out at:

Please ship your unit for repair to:

Eddie Cobas 
21 White Spots Ln
Locust Valley, NY 11560

E-mails are answered within minutes. Please feel free to ask any questions.


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