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Bnib Sealed Bully Dog Gt Platinum Diesel Tuner+monitor (40420) on


Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Condition:New Brand:Bully Dog


  • Accessory Delay
    Control how long accessory items will remain on after the engine has been turned off and the doors remain closed. Accessory items include the radio, cigarette lighter, etc.
  • Fog Light/High Beam
    Run the fog lights and the high beams at the same time.
  • Horn Chirp on Lock
    The vehicle horn will sound each time the doors are locked by a remote control unit while this feature is enabled.
  • Mobile Desoot
    Diesel Particulate Filter Burn-Off enable.
  • Pyro 1
    A pyrometer (pyro) measures exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs); which can be used for defuel and warning level settings to help protect the engine from heat damage.
  • Seat Belt Chime
    Turn off the seat belt reminder chime.
  • Transmission Adaptive Learning
    Hold, resume and reset transmission adaptive learning (TAL), which changes the way the automatic transmission in the vehicle shifts based on driving habits. To pause or stop the TAL process, choose hold. To continue a paused TAL process, choose resume. To restart and relearn driving habits, choose reset.
  • Daytime Running Light
    Disable or enable daytime running lights.
  • Headlight Delay
    Set the amount of time that the head lamps remain on after the engine has been turned off.
  • Initiate DPF Burn-off
    This feature will send a request to the engine computer to start the desoot process of the diesel particulate filter (DPF). NOTICE! The DPF Burn-Off should only be used if absolutely necessary. If the diesel particulate filter clogs often on a particular vehicle, there may be an issue with the filter itself which would need to be serviced by an OEM dealer.
  • Optical Flash on Lock
    The hazard lights will flash each time the doors are locked by a remote control unit when this feature is enabled.
  • Pyro 2
    A pyrometer (pyro) measures exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs); which can be used for defuel and warning level settings to help protect the engine from heat damage.
  • Shift on Fly
    Change tuning level while driving.
  • Unlock Driver Door
    Use the GT to disable this feature so all of your vehicle doors will unlock with one press of the button on a remote door lock unit.

What You Can Adjust:

Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all vehicles
  • Coolant Temperature
    Current coolant temperature; this information is used for warning level and safety defueling settings.
  • Speed Limiter
    Change the top speed that the car will reach before the engine automatically limits the power needed to go faster.
  • Transmission Shift Firmness
    Change the shift firmness of an automatic transmission.
  • Transmission Shift Points
    Change the RPMs at which an automatic transmission will change gears.
  • Oil Temperature
    This gauge option shows the engine oil temperature in °F or °C. This information is used for warning level and safety defueling settings.
  • Tire Size
    Correct the speedometer if you have changed your tire size from stock.
  • Transmission Temperature
    This gauge option shows the transmission temperature. This information is used in defuel settings to help prevent heat damage to the transmission. (This gauge option is not available on all vehicles.)
The GT Platinum Diesel is four products in one remarkable unit: a performance tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device all in a single unit. The Bully Dog GT Platinum diesel tuner is an engine tuner and vehicle monitoring device.The GT has a 2.4" screen and unlike the PMT does not come with a pyrometer kit. The GT is designed to remain plugged into the vehicle's OBDII port during vehicle operation so it can monitor and display critical vehicle information such as exhaust gas temperature and transmission temperature. The GT can also modify certain vehicle characteristics such as speed limiters, transmission tuning and many others depending on you vehicle.

The Tuner feature adds power & economy mapping.

Performance Gauges
The GT allows the operator to monitor over 20 vehicle functions and parameters.

The Safety Monitor keeps track of vehicle temperatures and reduces horsepower when the temperature become too high.

Driving Coach - Increase Fuel Economy
This feature is designed to help the user drive more efficiently. As a Driving Coach the GT will give the vehicle operator real time driving advice in order to maximize fuel economy up to 37% (according to It coaches the driver into better driving habits by providing real time visual and audio feedback pertaining to how efficiently he or she is driving. The Driving Coach also provides a "grade," on how efficiently the operator drove during a particular trip. This makes driving efficiently both constructive as well as fun!

Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel Tuner 40420 Tuning Features:

  • Safety Defueling
  • Download Features (where applicable)
    Speed Limiter
    Rev Limiter
    Calibrate Speedometer
    Transmission Tuning
  • Vehicle Options (where applicable)
    Seat Belt Reminder Chime
    Auto Door Lock
  • Vehicle Monitoring Functions
    Real Time Fuel Economy
    Average Fuel Economy
    Trip Fuel Economy
    Coolant Temperature
    Fuel Rail Pressure
    Manifold Absolute Pressure
    Engine RPM
    Timing Position
    Air Intake Temperature
    Mass Air Flow (grams/sec)
    Throttle Position
    Fuel Level
    Battery Voltage
    Ambient Air Temperature

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