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Bow Thruster Compact New For Small Motorboat Sailing Boat Up To 8 Meter on

US $649.00

Bad Marienberg, Germany

Bad Marienberg, Germany
Condition:New Brand:own development Country/Region of Manufacture:Germany

 Bow thruster compact
The favorable bow thruster solution
For small sails and motor boats!
Compact - light and quiet - quickly installed - functional
Compact bow thruster
The easy solution for all smaller motor boats and sailing boats up to approx. 8 meters in length.
Compact - easy - quickly ready for use - favorable
Simply attach the compact bow thruster to the bow,
Mount the motor, done!
Everything without damaging the hull!
No holes!
No cables!
Complete with battery and remote control
Who has not had the problems of maneuvering in wind and current?
If, for example, alone with the boat, there is often stress, especially when you go and drop off.
Also I had often problematic situations on my tours. After I even had a damage on the boat once, I was thinking about a solution intensively. A conventional bow thruster for several thousand dollars, however, was out of the question.
Then I had the idea of ​​a compact bow thruster, which can be installed easily and quickly with a specially developed device on every boat, which has a bow slip / eyelet.
The attached and detachable device is mounted with a screw at the bow eye of the boat.
The radio-operated 12-volt electric motor is then placed on the device and placed in position. In the control box is the small battery and the receiver
With the radio-controlled control unit, the bow is transferred to the rear or starboard by a hand-held transmitter as with a conventional bow thruster.
As an additional important function, you can use the bow thrust compact as an auxiliary motor or dive slide by simply turning the drive by 90 degrees.
The engine is simply raised up after use and fixed with a star bolt for the next maneuver or simply removed and stored in the boat.
The device can and should remain attached to the bow in order to be quickly ready for use again.
As the compact bow thruster plunges far in front of the bow, the jet effect is effective and direct even with small electric motor power.
Bow thruster compact is custom made for your boat type and can be easily installed and operated by a person!
The bow-jet compact is available in various sizes and colors and consists predominantly
Made of aluminum - plastic and stainless steel components.
For the calculation appropriate to your boat will be boat type, circa bow angle to the water surface,
Distance bow eye to the bow tip and the diameter of the bow eye. The bow thruster compact is customized for your boat type. The selectable panel can be adapted to the respective bow form.

The indicated price applies to the standard version 600 mm complete with motor 46 lbs 2 blade propeller.
I would be pleased to offer you a non-binding offer for your boat.
Further information is available at
Videos at

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