MS 8/15/16





This item comes exactly as pictured; nothing more, nothing less. Seller takes great care to fully photograph the entire item in its exact condition. No stock photos are used. Everything in the picture will ship exactly as it is presented in the photo. Buyer should fully review the photos attached to this listing to ensure that Buyer expectations concerning the listed item are met. If the item is used, it will often show signs of use, general wear and tear, small dents or scratches, etc… Any and all signs of use will be depicted clearly in the listing’s pictures. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to completely review the listing and its attached photographs prior to committing to purchase. For any listing that has a quantity of more than one item, the other items will be of similar quality of that shown in the pictures attached to the listing. If the Buyer has any questions or concerns about the item(s), it is the Buyer’s responsibility to Message the Seller prior to purchase.




100% Customer Satisfaction is the Seller’s top priority. Seller offers a full refund and return policy. All items are thoroughly tested prior to the listing being posted to eBay. Considering the total volume of items for sale, the opportunity for mistake or accident is sometimes present. Any errors of inclusion or exclusion with the item listing are not intentional or designed to defraud, mislead, or deceive the Buyer. If Buyer is not satisfied with the item upon receipt, then the Buyer must notify the Seller immediately in order to begin the refund/return process. In order to process a full refund, the item must be returned within 15 days of receipt in the original condition in which it was shipped. All tags and labels must still be attached. Buyer should not attempt to make any repairs to item if Buyer intends to request a full refund.


Full refunds will be issued within 48 hours of the Seller receiving the returned item. Return shipping will be paid by the Seller if the Seller made an error in the listing. Return shipping will not be paid by the Seller otherwise. All duties and taxes in the Buyer’s country or state of residence are the responsibility of the Buyer.


In some cases, a partial refund may be available if the Buyer intends to keep the item but is not completely satisfied. Partial refunds will never exceed 25% of the purchase value. Partial refunds require comprehensive communication between the Buyer and Seller via eBay’s Messaging platform. Partial refunds will be issued at the sole discretion of the Seller based upon the circumstances involved in the partial refund request.


In an effort to prevent fraudulent use of feedback, feedback extortion, fraudulent returns, and general theft of merchandise listed on eBay, refunds will not be issued on requests outside of the clearly printed and pictured description in each listing. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to fully review the listing and attached photographs prior to committing to purchase.




Seller requires that all payments be made within 48 hours of purchase. A payment is considered “cleared” after the payment has been deposited into the Seller’s account.




HANDLING: Seller handling time is 2 Business Days from the date of receipt of cleared payment.


SHIPPING: In addition to the above listed handling time, most shippers require 4-10 Business Days for product delivery in the domestic U.S. Most shipments from this Seller arrive to the Buyer in less than 12 days from the time cleared payment. Seller reserves the right to make use of any shipping company that Seller so chooses. Shipping to post office boxes may incur additional charges related to shipping. Seller typically ships Monday through Friday of each week.


Labels are printed within 2 days of cleared payment. Labels are then placed on a carefully packaged box and delivered to carrier for shipping. Seller will usually use FedEx for shipping. Seller will usually use USPS for First Class and Media Shipping.


Free Shipping is provided in most cases. Special requests such as Priority, Post Office Box, faster shipping, and International Shipping will typically require additional funds from the Buyer. All packages are sent with Tracking and Delivery updates.


POST OFFICE BOXES: Seller will not ship to post office boxes unless the Buyer has communicated that request to the Seller prior to purchase via the use of eBay’s Messaging platform.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: International shipping requires an additional 12-23 days over the above stated domestic shipping time frames and does not include Seller’s handling time. International shipping is only an option if the Buyer has communicated the request to the Seller prior to purchase via the use of eBay’s Messaging platform. International shipping is only available via eBay Global Shipping.



100% Customer Satisfaction is the Seller’s top priority. This is best accomplished when open lines of communication exist between the Buyer and the Seller, especially prior to the Buyer committing to a purchase or immediately after delivery of listed item to Buyer. Messages are key.


Please allow for up to 24-hour response times when making use of eBay’s Messaging platform. The Seller is committed to ensuring that all Buyers are happy with their purchases. As noted above, the Seller stands behind all products listed. All Buyers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the available communication channels that eBay provides via its Messaging platform.


FEEDBACK AND DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings)


Feedback is vital to any business, especially those related to sites like eBay. This Seller strives for 100% customer satisfaction and positive Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings. This Seller loves to leave positive Feedback for Buyers as well.


This Seller recognizes that negative Feedback is not a solution. This Seller requests that all Buyers contact the Seller via eBay’s Messaging platform prior to leaving any negative Feedback. This will help the Seller to ensure 100% Buyer satisfaction. This Seller stands behind the products and items listed here and offers a comprehensive refund and return policy in order to further guarantee Buyer satisfaction.


Thank you for shopping with us! We look forward to your positive experience and Feedback. Enjoy your new item(s)!